Saturday, October 6, 2012

Womanity perfume...!

Connections between women are offered as shops and group on top of the package which is developed with metal frieze with representational design. Kind of the top element of the package and amazing frieze figures can be regarded as Ancient or Art Deco design. Mugler's idea was however that the frieze shown and represented women of all years. Fragrance WOMANITY was developed as a element of this pattern, in a white-colored package.

An overture to this edition began in Objective 2010 when Mugler launched web site with an idea that every woman cooperates in its growth and of whole. With an aim to make content for the website, one story is finished by several women, each of them writing on her web page. Competitors needs women to give recommendations for a particular project or cause. The champ performs with Mugler to finish the website. Womanity is a phrase developed to weblink womanliness, human being and city.

By using the new molecular procedure of elimination, Locks manages to sketch out natural perfumes of fig for charming accords.  Pierre Aulas, olfactive home of Clarins Fragrance Group, says that it is a real procedure to execute on Mugler's idea of combining savoury and charming is aware. Structure of Womanity was developed by Locks, as a impressive evaluation of elements. Delightful is aware create from caviar and the structure in confident by fig wood made perfumes.

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